It was less like seeing than like being for the first time seen...

14 March 2007

Most hated on the internet.

Check out how many views this video has had. VC made it. It is me dancing at a show in Massachusetts. Apparently this video is showing up on porn sites.


Anonymous said...


im totally burning with desire!!!


Emily said...

the booty don't stop!

Anonymous said...

i can't remember what i was going to write. i usually don't read blogs, even people who i know and am close with. i don't know why. i just feel weird reading them. but i am occasionally looking at yours. it's like watching you, but you don't know i am here - like how today i watched you eat bean curd in the park, but you didn't know.

Anonymous said...

mary, this is laura. i don't want to freak you out or anything, but i can't think of ANYTHING i've done in my life (or can't imagine anything i'll do in the future) where 34,000+ ppl have tuned (will tune) in. i guess i gotta start tagging more of my shit with "boobies boobies boobies kurt cobain etc."

HOLLA at the youtube pervs!