It was less like seeing than like being for the first time seen...

18 April 2007

We can all lie in bed and look up at the sky.

For a couple days, I had in my possession a magic MetroCard. No matter how many times I swiped the card, it always had $2 left on it. There were only $4 on the card in the first place, and I must have swiped it at least 5 times. It ran out yesterday. You are not supposed to run out on my birthday, magic MetroCard. Last year on my birthday, I got a fortune cookie that actually predicted the future. What magical, lucky thing will birthday #24 bring?

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Emily said...

Dearest darling Mary,

I've made you a cookie for your birthday. I'm in the habit of doing this for out-of-town friends and eating it for them. It was delicious. Happy Birthday!