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04 May 2007

Cinco de Mayo.

It's once again the 5th of May, which means New York City and I are celebrating one year of life together. One year ago my sister Laura dropped me off at the airport in Chicago, and Rob Barber picked me up at LaGuardia. We immediately went to Foodswings and probably ordered some sort of fake meat sandwiches. A lot has happened this past year. I never would have guessed last May 5th, that one year later I would be performing to a crowd of people (just blocks from Foodswings) while one woman breathed fire and another woman danced on stilts. Crazy crazy.
I will be returning to Michigan in a few weeks with High Places. Here are some things I miss about you, Michigan (this collage was limited to the very small number of photos I have on the computer, so know that there are many many other people, places, and things I miss):

I skateboarded home alone tonight on a freshly paved street, under a bright waning gibbous moon. There were no cars around (due to Sabbath), and I could almost pretend I was back in Kalamazoo.


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Emily said...

I'm glad to see the Fun-Dip slumber party made the cut! That's quite the epitome of Kzoo. love love. I look forward to hugging you and possibly (certainly) grabbing your little tush a bit!

Baby's coming home!