It was less like seeing than like being for the first time seen...

18 August 2007

Get out of the van.

I am home. Tour was great. Seeing all of my immediate family, WHARTSCAPE, returning to our favorite spot in southeastern Utah, SCOOPS, going to the tide pools, playing with Powdered Wigs and Lucky Dragons, going to Arcata and Trinidad, driving for hours and hours, staring out the window for hours and hours, seeing the most beautiful blue skies and lightning and storm clouds, DENVER, hanging out with David, meeting David's grandmother, DONUTS, hanging out with penpals, getting new penpals, trading zines for drawings and beers, WEIRD MEAL, finding feathers, MEKONG, playing in a dry riverbed in the Oakland Hills in the cold and fog, playing the Red Room in Kalamazoo. I was sick for the first week and I had no voice, but I got better and managed to stay healthy for the rest of tour. High Places toured with Soft Circle, and Hisham was an amazing tour buddy.
Now we are home, and it feels good to spend some time alone. It is so nice to see Cosmonaut and Granola and my bed and the farmers' market and my bike and the city.

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Emily said...

I am very sad our U.S. tours crossed paths without intersecting. I want to hug you and lay in the grass and talk about lightning bugs and the flight patterns of birds.