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27 September 2007

Cool Tip For Life #17

Don't honk at semi-truck drivers to your left who are trying to make a right hand turn around your vehicle, and who nearly hit you in the process (maybe on purpose?). They will follow you for miles, ride next to you at fast speeds, follow you on and off exit ramps, and turn on their cabin light to possibly show you the gun in their hands. This will cause you to drive many extra miles to a farther away rest area where you will not be able to sleep for fear of being killed by an angry semi-truck driver with a gun.


appleoftheearth said...

dear mary,

in unrelated events:
it seems if you put orange or pear peels on your bed for a week, kitties wont pee on the bed anymore. they have some dried ones at whiskers you can get, or just eat an orange for a week.


Anonymous said...

Next time don't honk.....flash breasts!