It was less like seeing than like being for the first time seen...

04 September 2007

Synchronicity, coincidence.

I saw Josie from Top Chef at a café near my house this morning.
I read a short story this morning about two people going to the Barnes & Noble by Union Square. Later today I ended up having to go to the same Barnes & Noble and riding the same escalators mentioned in the story. Bill Clinton was about to speak at the store and everyone working was stressing out. There was a line of people around the block. I was just accompanying an eight year old looking for the latest My Weird School book. This evening I ran into the person who wrote the short story that mentions the two people going to the Barnes & Noble by Union Square and riding the escalators. He said he had just seen Parker Posey eating at Angelica Kitchen next to a bunch of other famous people.
I went into Kim's today and I saw the guy who goes to the Friends meetings and who once gave me a James Turrell postcard, not knowing that I was in the process of writing a song inspired by James Turrell that I wanted to give to him in person but I didn't know how I would have the opportunity until I was given the postcard and saw that he was going to be speaking at the Manhattan Friends meeting house the next week. At Kim's, I wondered if that one guy was working upstairs. The guy I saw everywhere in the city for a little while. He always looked at my bright blue backpack and then there was this look of recognition in his eyes. I like the idea of two people with frequent encounters somehow maintaining their stranger status. Then one day I went into Kim's Video and headed to the back to ask a question and he was working behind the counter. I asked the question and he answered it and we never mentioned the time we walked ten blocks next to each other or the countless times we had made eye contact somewhere in the city.
I once kissed someone whose mother's name is Mary Pearson.

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