It was less like seeing than like being for the first time seen...

16 May 2007

Nice niece in Nice.

I am in Nice. Where les fenêtres open out to a little square where mopeds and scooters and gelatto are kept. Where la Bibliothèque is a giant blockhead. Where la Mer is blue blue bleu. And where les petits oiseaux are so brave and friendly. I've had a few successful French "conversations," but mostly my brain is a confusion of English, French, and German, and I'm constantly second-guessing my grammar. David is mastering "Je voudrais un pain au chocolat, s'il vous plaît."
The south of France is all lilacs, poppies, irises, petunias, palm trees, morning glories, and a bunch of plants I don't know. Je ne sais pas.
je ne sais pas je ne sais pas je ne sais pas je ne sais pas je ne sais pas je ne sais pas je ne sais pas
Yesterday we saw sheep, horses, cows, and roosters from a small train that took us into the mountains of Provence.
Tomorrow we are off to Geneva and the French Alps.


Tony said...

Have a nice journey ! thanks a lot for your great zine. (say hello to David, good luck to you for finding what you are looking for...).

Emily said...

So glad you're enjoying all the flora and fauna France has to offer!


p.s. SF is beautiful right now!

sikano said...

Hi Mary i'm an Italian Boy, what a wonderful photo!!! I dont speak and write english! :(

Anonymous said...

M.P. phone home!

kg said...

mary! remember if you want to say you miss something it goes like this:

Tu me manque (I miss you)

Brooklyn me manque (I miss Brooklyn)

Mes chats me manque (I miss my cats)

It took me FOREVER to learn that! So weird.